the nicest woman just waxed me i’m gonna have her wax me from now on

Anonyme: we're both 21. I totally agree and get you, nothing is gonna happen, he's been married and divorced and is almost twice our age. she stays with her bf because she doesn't wanna dump him and regret it. she's looking for apartments with him too even though she's unsure. she says she wont tell him she's cheating bc she'll kill herself over how much she's hurting him. i wish i were making this up. if she doesnt stop fawning over him soon, i'm done with her. thanks for your help and understanding

it seems like she’s over him already like….i know she’s your friend but she’s acting like an idiot it’s smart if you drop her if she keeps it up though you don’t need to deal with someone like that in your life

Anonyme: it does help, thank you. I told her to pick one and she said she doesn't even see a future with the 38 y/o but she doesn't find her bf attractive. she's also cheated on him with another guy before and told her bf and he was heartbroken. when I tell her I don't like the 38 y/o bc he knows she has a serious bf but she just gets super pissed at me. she asks me if he likes her but idk him & i think he just wants sex and she gets depressed & says they have a connection. what do you think about it?

what on earth….what a mess!! honestly she needs to just close off her relationships with all these guys and start fresh i agree with you….a 38 year old is not gonna date some young gril (idk how old you guys are) an get married to her and whatnot…almost half his life is over already he’s not gonna start something with your friend imo..not that that never happens but i’m sure you understand me

this whole situation is a mess she just needs to dump both guys because she’s clearly clueless…what a dumb thing to say…she doesn’t think her bf is attractive and this si the second time she’s cheated on him and she’s still with him because??? she needs to stop

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